Building Community

Our Building Community Auction 2023


THE AUCTION is an important annual event at Albany UU. Not only does it raise critical funds for the church’s budget, it is an important way of building connections among members.

DONATIONS will be accepted from March 30 through April 21. Instructions for donating will be available here on March 30.

Now is the time to think about what you might donate to make the auction a success. We welcome creative ideas, but if you are stuck, here are some ideas. Communal meals and other social events—dessert parties, hikes, museum visits—are very popular. If holding such an event seems daunting, think about working with a partner. Food items—main dishes, jams, sweets—and services—gardening and home organization—are also popular options. What about offering babysitting? Other items to consider include gift cards and tickets to music, ballet, or theater performances. If you are fortunate enough to own a vacation home, many bidders would be interested. Events should be scheduled between May 12, 2023 and March 2, 2024.

Everyone will be able to see the items available for purchase beginning April 16. Bidding (buying, actually) starts April 23 and runs through May 7.

All items are fixed price and first come, first serve.