Are you in the holiday spirit?
Leah | Dec 08, 2016

Each December I anticipate a “switch” that turns on a joyful holiday mood in me. I look for it, but it doesn’t always happen each year. Every year there are the traditional events and tasks. I delight in my favorite Christmas movies. And I feel relieved when the packages to out of town family are mailed. But that special holiday spirit switch is more likely to be flipped when I notice something small and see that it has meaning for me.

This year it was one of those digital billboards on I-90 rising above the relentless westbound traffic, with the glowing message “Peace on Earth”.  Lamar Advertising has got me pegged, I guess. But that’s OK. I was glad for that moment when I was able to pause; to become aware of what’s around me and how I’m feeling;  and to experience beauty. I was fully present to that moment. Now it’s easier for me to pause and see other moments as they are and potentially as beautiful – at home with family, here at Albany UU and wherever I might be.

Our theme for the month of December is “Being Present”. How might tomorrow be an opportunity for you to pause and discover presence? My wish for you is that you discover some beauty and peace.

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