Author: Sam Trumbore

America: The Glorious Vision

Sam Trumbore | Nov 12, 2018

I read a little this past week about the insanity of that final day of World War One combat.  The Germans agreed to end all hostilities before 6am th...

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America: The Minority Report

Sam Trumbore | Nov 06, 2018

Rev. Trumbore's sermon from Sunday, November 4th, begins: How many of us cringe when we hear the expression “Make America great again?” The first...

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Good Intentions Are Not Enough

Sam Trumbore | Jan 03, 2018

Were it only this simple!  Just set some good intentions, codify them in an agreement or a policy, pass a law or set up an agency or a program, and e...

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Emerson Is Not Our Future

Sam Trumbore | Dec 11, 2017

Two years ago in a sermon I quoted Emerson who, in 1829, wrote: I think it cannot be maintained by any candid person that the African race have ever ...

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Keeping Racism Front and Center

Sam Trumbore | Oct 13, 2017

I hadn’t expected Trump to be so dedicated to keeping race on the national agenda.  Mostly, white folks want to ignore race and not pay attention t...

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