Category: First Unitarian Universalist Society of Albany

White Male Revaluation – Part Two

Sam Trumbore | Sep 01, 2016

My essay on White Male Revaluation stimulated a lot of conversation.  One person approached me to make sure I was okay mentally.  The trolls who com...

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E Pluribus Unum

Sam Trumbore | Aug 26, 2016

I tremble before the first sentence of our mission statement. It says, We welcome everyone. Everyone is a very wide net of inclusion. That means every...

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Sin: Brokenness or Delusion?

Sam Trumbore | Aug 19, 2016

The state of the world testifies on a daily basis to the inhumanity of man against man. Violence, hatred, and cruelty scream from the front pages of t...

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White Male Revaluation

Sam Trumbore | Aug 18, 2016

Speaking personally, as a late-middle-aged white male, I notice my sense of value in steep decline. The message I pick up in the progressive, liberal ...

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Timeout for Mourning and Reflection

Sam Trumbore | Jul 08, 2016

I'd like to call a time-out, send everyone into their corners for a moment to cool off and come back to reality. Even though I'm on vacation myself ri...

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