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From Our Board

Editor Albany UU | Mar 13, 2019

UUs, DENTISTRY, AND THE UPSIDE-DOWN YEAR One of my favorite life-guiding books is How to Want What You Have, by Timothy Miller, PhD, a clinical psych...

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“Open Question” Responses and a Call For Proposals

Editor Albany UU | Mar 07, 2019

“Open Question” Responses and a Call For Proposals First, the Board thanks all of you for your enthusiastic responses to the Open Question we pos...

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Leah’s Blog

Editor Albany UU | Feb 28, 2019

Religious Exploration - What Does It Mean To Be A People of Journey? From our staff in the Soul Matters program:   We UUs love to tell our j...

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Earning Trust

Sam Trumbore | Feb 27, 2019

Trust was the theme for the month of February. The Meaning Matters groups use a packet of materials to go deeper with the monthly theme. In it, was a ...

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Sam’s Outlook

Editor Albany UU | Feb 21, 2019

May the Road Rise to Meet You May you succeed on the road; May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face; the rains f...

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