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Not Knowing What You Don’t Know

Editor Albany UU | Nov 21, 2018

Maybe you’ve seen this pie chart divided into three sections.  The tiniest section is what we know we know.  I know how to walk and talk.  I can ...

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America: The Minority Report

Sam Trumbore | Nov 06, 2018

Rev. Trumbore's sermon from Sunday, November 4th, begins: How many of us cringe when we hear the expression “Make America great again?” The first...

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Sam’s Outlook

Editor Albany UU | Oct 25, 2018

What Stays With Us? My wife Philomena teases me about being a sentimentalist. I love that nostalgic feeling of remembering times past that are no mor...

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Sam’s Outlook: Finding Sanctuary

Editor Albany UU | Sep 26, 2018

One of my best growing up memories as a teenager was going to Murray Grove summer camp on the coast of New Jersey for a week. The camp sits very near ...

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Who Are We and Where Are We Going?

Editor Albany UU | Aug 23, 2018

Who Are We and Where Are We Going? As we begin our fall season and kick off another year in our congregational life, I’m moved by our theme of the ...

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