Congregational Life

Unitarian Universalism is one of the few religious traditions that puts its faith in the spirit working within its members. Rather than impose a traditional religious doctrine and dogma to direct and judge, we encourage our members to use the guidance of their minds and hearts to find out what is true for them.

A Community of Unique Individuals

Most people who walk through our doors for the first time are there because they are looking for something more. Perhaps you are one of them, searching for an intellectually-stimulating and compassionate community, one where you can search for answers to the bigger questions in life while retaining your own core values and traditions, one that supports and encourages mindfulness. Maybe you believe you have something of the holy within you, and are looking for a place that will help you foster that inner-working spirit. Or it could be that you are simply looking to gather with like-minded folks in friendship and service. Or you seek to explore community with people different from you. All of this you will find at Albany UU.

You are welcome at Albany UU

Informed by world religions, scientific discovery, and inspired art, people who come to Albany UU are free to discover the foundations of their beliefs, looking for ways to build their lives and guide their actions. We have ongoing dialogues about our diverse beliefs in the hopes of inspiring one another’s growth and development. We are a place where people from all walks of life find acceptance and encourage one another’s mindfulness and spiritual growth. 

What service means to members of Albany UU.