Albany UU 2020 Annual Meeting

May 17, 2020 | 11:00 AM

Annual Meeting

Sunday, May 17, 2020

10:00-11:00    Virtual Service via Zoom

11:00               Virtual Annual Meeting via Zoom

The Albany UU Annual Meeting will be hosted via Zoom on Sunday, May 17, immediately after the service. In addition to the presentation of reports, the primary business is the presentation and adoption of the 2020-21 budget. Ballots for all elections, both contested and uncontested, will be handled by mail. Active members eligible to vote will receive a ballot by mail, along with a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Learn about the election and the candidates here.

Since this will be our first Annual Meeting conducted via Zoom, we will host a practice session on the Sunday previous, May 10, also immediately after the service.


The nominating committee will be mailing ballots to eligible voting members via USPS. Ballots will be printed on BOTH sides, the Uncontested on one side and Contested (for nominating committee) on the other. Instructions on how to rank the voting for Contested candidates is on the ballot. Included also, will be a self-addressed stamped envelope so ballots can be returned quickly. Thank you for your understanding and participation in our democratic process.

Completed ballots must be received on or before 11:00 AM on Friday, May 15.  

Voting at the Annual Meeting can only be accomplished by one person per screen, whether a computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone. If you have more than one eligible voter in your household, you will need to vote on separate devices, even if you view the meeting together using one screen. If you do not have separate devices that feature screens, separate votes can be tallied using a regular cell phone or house phone. And if you do not have any device that features a screen, you can still participate in, and vote during, the annual meeting on a regular cell phone or house phone.