The 11th Annual Hudson-Mohawk Cluster Sunday Celebration

April 7, 2019 | 11:00 AM

Is It Too Late? Healing the Earth and Our Spirits


11th Annual Hudson-Mohawk Unitarian Universalist Cluster Sunday Worship Service – 11:00 AM at Doane Stuart: Is It Too Late? Healing the Earth and Our Spirits

What does it mean to engage climate justice as individuals, families, congregations, and a region? Through story, music, poetry, reflections and visual arts, we will explore what it means when resources are depleted, and how to reclaim hope in ourselves, our communities, and the planet.

Join for us for lunch after the service—bring a dish to share (finger foods preferred), plus place settings for you and a friend. We’ll enjoy a time of kinship and have opportunities for deeper conversations about various aspects of climate justice.

This service will begin at 11:00 AM at Doane Stuart School, 199 Washington Ave., Rensselaer

Nursery care will be available, along with service-related activities for elementary-aged children.

There will be NO service, meetings or activities at Albany UU on April 7.