Walker Book Group

March 8, 2020 | 5:30 PM

Join the Walker Book Group on Sunday, March 8 at 5:30 pm in Channing Hall. We will begin with a potluck supper followed by a lively book discussion. Newcomers are always welcome.

Bring a dish to share and a small contribution to cover wine. Be responsible for cleanup if using Albany UU’s kitchen or be green and bring your own dishes and flatware.

We will discuss Talking with Strangers, What We Should Know About the People We Don’t Know, by Malcolm Gladwell. In this book, Gladwell reviews a long series of guilty people, such as Bernard Madoff, who long escaped detection and innocent people who, because of their behavior, were assumed guilty.  He concludes that these errors in judgment result from our misreading people. 

The group has also selected a book for April.  On April 12, we will discuss The Nickle Boys, a historical novel, by Colson Whitehead

We meet on the second Sunday of each month from September through June. For future updates, subscribe to the Walker Book Group egroup list at AlbanyUU-WalkerBookGroup@egroups.churchdb.com. Contact Martha Musser for further information at mussermartha@gmail.com.