Our congregation is almost fully self-supported. No large endowments are used to fund our budget. 


Over 90% of our funding comes from individual financial commitments made by members and friends each year. These gifts fund our mission to support each other’s search for truth and meaning, and our work for social justice in the community. They also provide staff salaries and denominational dues to the Unitarian Universalist Association, both of which in turn support programming for members and friends.

Our budget is published publicly and approved by the membership each year at our May annual meeting. Our financial records are reviewed by a professional accounting firm each year. We have adequate capital reserves to deal with building problems, and fund balances to protect us from any temporary changes in income. The financial health of the congregation is very good.

We do, however, have two major financial challenges we are working hard to resolve. The first is to finish paying for our beautiful new building addition, the home of Emerson Community Hall. The second is to bring the salaries and benefits of our staff to the fair compensation guidelines recommended by the UUA.

This is where you come in. Your financial commitment to our congregation can help us resolve these challenges. Whatever gift you are able to give is an excellent investment in a vibrant, visionary congregation with a mission to a city that needs our message. All gifts given to our congregation are received with gratitude, and are tax deductible.


Pledge: The most important way to give to Albany UU is to pledge to contribute a certain amount for a specific fiscal year (July 1 to June 30). For current members and friends, this pledge is made during our annual Stewardship Drive in the spring.  We encourage new members and friends to pledge as soon as they are prepared to make a commitment to Albany UU and then to pledge each successive year during the Stewardship Drive.

Donate:  Another way to give to Albany UU is to make a direct contribution or gift. Contributions can be given at any time. You can donate in cash, by check, by debit or credit, or through a transfer of stock.

Endow: Your gift or bequest to the Albany UU’s Endowment Trust will help sustain our vital and nurturing congregational life, support our dreams for tomorrow, and maintain the beacon of Unitarian Universalism in our community.


Regardless of how you give, there are several ways to pay.

Online:  You may set up an automatic recurring payment or make a one-time payment from your bank account or credit card. Please realize that there is a charge to Albany UU for credit and debit card donations: you have the option to select the box to add an additional amount to offset the charge. Donate online now.

By Check: You can mail a check to Albany UU, 405 Washington Ave., Albany, NY 12206, or place a check in the collection plate on Sunday. Be sure to note on the Memo line the purpose of the payment (e.g., Pledge 2014-2015, RE registration, Auction, Endowment Trust, etc.). You can also set up automatic payments through your own bank.

By Cash: If you wish a cash contribution to be recorded in your name, please enclose it in an envelope with your name on it and put it in the collection plate. Labeled envelopes are available at the service.

Transfer of Stock: You can pay by transferring ownership of stock to Albany UU. Call the office for more information.

Donate here.