Mindfulness Meditation

Growth, development and self-regulation using Buddhist meditation
practices that cultivate mindful awareness and focus.

Buddhist vipassana or insight meditation is beneficial to all who practice it and a great fit for Unitarian Universalists. It helps people train their minds to strengthen concentration and intensify moment-to-moment awareness. Regular practice of this technique quiets and sharpens the mind, opens the heart and can improve one’s physical health.

Rev. Trumbore has practiced this form of meditation for over 35 years. He offers introductory instruction and support in two ways:

  1. Sunday mornings at 8:30-9:20 a.m. The format begins with a 10 minute reading followed by 20 minutes of sitting meditation (on pews or floor if desired). The sitting period is followed by 10 minutes of conversation about the reading or questions about meditation practice. The time is concluded with a short loving kindness (metta) meditation.
  2. Friday evening (6-9 p.m.) and Saturday (8 a.m.-3 p.m.) meditation workshop. Rev. Trumbore leads these retreats teaching the basics of vipassana meditation (following the satipattana sutta). The longest sitting period is 20 minutes and most people use chairs (but cushions/benches on the floor are welcome). The sitting periods are broken up with walking meditation periods, instruction and discussion. This is a long enough period of time to get a taste of this practice and its potential benefits.

All are welcome, no matter your level of experience or religious affiliation. Attendance at Albany UU is not a prerequisite, although you’re always welcome! 

For more information contact Rev. Trumbore <minister@albanyuu.org> or 518-463-7135