Stewardship Q&A2020-21 Giving Guide


Renewing our Commitment, Renewing our Community

It’s that time of year again! It’s our opportunity to set the goal for our generosity…to Renew our Commitment, Renew our Community. While predictions about the pandemic cannot be made with any precision, this does promise to be a transitional year. And we’ve remained strong during two years of this pandemic! We’ve resumed gathering in person for our Sunday services and continued our practice of multiplatform services. We’ve also resumed in-person participation in Religious Education. It will truly be a joyous occasion when we can gather more fully together. Let’s take this opportunity to Renew our Commitment and Renew our Community in service of our vision, together.

Albany Unitarian Universalist will be an inclusive and welcoming congregation.

Our sacred work is to lift hearts, broaden minds and do justice in the world,

in service of building beloved community.

Hopefully, our rental income, once a substantial contributor to our budget, will return to pre-pandemic levels, but it will be slow. And as we return to our building, we will also assume the increased costs of doing so.

In order to meet these challenges, we are asking for a $100 or 5% increase, whichever is greater,
in your pledge in support of Renewing our Community:

Getting Back to Full Staff – We expect to have both our Religious Education Program and Music Program fully staffed for the 2022-2023 church year. Religious education has resumed meeting in person – a welcome change for children and youth and their families! And for Sunday services, we have also resumed the option of gathering in person, enabling a fuller musical experience for everyone. These elements of our community are essential to nourishing and growing our congregation.

Religious Education – Our assessment and visioning work with our Religious Education Consultant will soon conclude, and we’ll want to get started on the implementation of all the input we received from the consultant, the Religious Education Council, and the congregation. Providing high quality UU religious education remains central to our community and to our vision.

Unitarian Universalist Outreach – We’ve continued to welcome new members to our community, despite the limitations imposed by the pandemic. Albany UU has a unique message for a troubled world, and offers a unique community that provides meaning for living within and responding to that troubled world. We want to explore ways to increase our outreach, burnish our beacon to meet those needs.

We all look forward to this fuller expression of our community, this renewal of our community. And, together, we can make that a reality and ensure that our dynamic congregation continues to flourish and emerges strong from the constraints of the pandemic.

Your support to reach our community’s campaign goal of $460,000 is greatly appreciated!



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Yours in service,

Geoff Abbas, Stewardship Co-chair   

Patti Jo Newell, President & Stewardship Co-chair