Religious Education for Children and Youth


Groups and Curriculum 2020-21:

  • Preschool-1st Grade: Online small group based on theme of the month. Preschool parents can also opt to do RE at home using provided materials.
  • 2nd-5th Grade: Online small group based on theme of the month.
  • 6th/7th Grade: Online small group, Crossing Paths curriculum (learning about other religions). Site visits to be held later.
  • 8th Grade: Online Book Club style small group, text chosen to amplify Black voices/relate to #BLM. Also open to 9th graders not doing Coming of Age.
  • 9th Grade: Online small group plus mentor meetings, Coming of Age program.
  • 10th Grade and up: Online Yo”uu”th group led by paid advisor Tracey Hickey

Format for Sunday Mornings:  

Religious Education for all the children in grades 8 and younger starts at 11:30

The first Sunday of the month we have Brunch Church (at 11:30) for all the children, and youth and their parents/caregivers and their guides in grades 8 and younger. Older youth (9th-12th graders) are welcome too. Brunch Church is our relaxed, theme based, child oriented 30 min service. It will be a time for us to hear the story of the week; have our traditional rituals; and explore creative ways for everyone to participate. No RE groups for grades 5 and under. We’ll dismiss the older children (6th grade and up) after the story in Brunch Church to meet in their groups in break out rooms. We’ll allow a few minutes for those children to get into their breakout rooms and to different physical rooms in their homes between the end of Brunch Church and the start of sessions. 

Most other Sundays, we’ll start at 11:30 with a short (15 min) Family Chapel  This is also for children, youth, their parents/caretakers and the RE guides. It will include the story for the week. Then we’ll have break out rooms for each group in 8th grade and younger for their group sessions.

  • 9th Grade Coming of Age meets at 12:30 on Sunday mornings.
  • YoUUth group for 10th-12th grades meets on Tuesday evenings at 8:00 pm

Email the Leah Purcell, Director of RE and Family Ministry for the link for Brunch Church and Family Chapel; and for YoUUth Group at

When Albany UU has multigenerational service, we will not have RE. Upcoming multigen dates are Nov 1, and Dec 20. Also, no RE on Dec 27.

Communication and Connections:  

Leah keeps families updated with a weekly email newsletter that comes out each Thursday. 

We have a Mighty Network for the RE community to connect anytime called “The Treehouse”. This is a social media platform just for the RE community. It has been great fun for children, youth, and adults to contribute to the different topics. I hope you join. The Treehouse topics are 

  • UU’s in Action 
  • UU’s at Play
  • UU’s at Church
  • UU’s in Spirit
  • UU’s at Home

You’ll find resources for parents/caretakers, for children and youth and opportunities for everyone to contribute their thoughts, photos and videos, ideas for resources and upcoming events in their communities.

Email Leah Purcell  for the link for this and to get on the RE newsletter mailing list.

Despite the challenging circumstances, Leah and Elizabeth are excited about the upcoming year and are doing their best to meet your needs. They welcome your questions and your thoughts on what your family needs from our RE community now.

Leah Purcell, Director of Religious Education and Family Ministry:

Elizabeth Baldes, Religious Education Program Coodinator: