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Transforming Hearts Class

The following is all the information you’ll need to sign into the Transforming Hearts class videos and materials. Our congregation has purchased the “congregation package” so anyone in our congregation can have access to this. However, please do not share this on social media or with anyone outside of our congregation. Thank you!

Your unique coupon code is: ALBANYUU

Instructions to enroll:

· Go to the course page (

· Scroll to the bottom and select the $600 option

· Click “Enroll”

· On the next page click the red text “Add Coupon”

· In the box that appears, enter ALBANYUU and click “Apply” (the total will be adjusted to FREE)

· Continue with enrollment

Alex Kapitan’s workshop on February 2, 2020 recording here

Please do not publicize it or post it online publicly. 


Open Question Feedback from Albany UU Members as of February 28, 2019


Ministerial Evaluation 2019 Report     Minister’s Response


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Articles in the Times Union about Threasa Pasquale’s Arrest and Conviction