Social Responsibility

  For many of us, the urge to make a positive difference in the world
begins with experiences of suffering and injustice.     


Changing The World

These experiences move our hearts, and call out for a response. They motivate us to help others, and here at Albany UU, our shared vision of a better world compels us to action.

Our Unitarian Universalist heritage is built on the legacy of “deeds not creeds,” meaning we’re always working to stop oppression through social responsibility, which is defined as the active concern for peace and justice. Our passion for civil and human rights, for moral and ethical values, identifies and nurtures us in far-reaching ways. As we work together to attain the goals of social justice, our congregation itself is strengthened and enriched.

We are guided by our Unitarian Universalist Purposes and Principles toward a vision of a world that has yet to be realized—one with peace, liberty and justice for all. We are inspired by the religious and secular prophets of ages past, our congregational history of engagement, as well as the spirit we find in one another. In striving to make a difference in a troubled world, we engage in direct services to those in need, as well as in steadfast advocacy for policies and positions that promote social justice.


We are a Sanctuary Congregation

Albany Unitarian Universalist celebrates Unitarian Universalism–a liberal, non-creedal faith tradition that is based on a free and responsible search for truth and meaning and the inherent worth and dignity of every person. Unitarian Universalists draw meaning from many faith traditions, embrace scientific reasoning, and express their beliefs through acts of social justice and compassion. For the second time in its history, Albany Unitarian Universalist has declared itself a Sanctuary congregation, repeating the action taken in 1984 in response to refugees fleeing violence in Central America. Albany Unitarian Universalist welcomes everyone.

Read our Sanctuary Resolution here.
Read the Covenant here.