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Working towards making Albany UU welcoming to all people

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In January 2017, the Albany UU Board of Trustees suggested an Inclusivity Team, made up of members of the congregation and tasked the team with designing and implementing a two-pronged approach for addressing white supremacy culture at Albany UU, as well as to plan activities that will facilitate an exploration of white privilege, create opportunities to identify and challenge our assumptions, learn about the cumulative impact on People of Color of seemingly small offenses (micro-aggressions), and to identify and provide resources for our ongoing education and reflection. We continue to work hard and invite everyone into the circle.

Individual Assessment Tool

Group Assessment Tool

Check out our bulletin board in Channing Hall for even more information.

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Inclusivity Team contact information:
The Inclusivity Team is a working group that meets in Room B-8 at 11:45am on the second Sunday of the month.

All are welcome!

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