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The Lifespan Learning program strives to offer the same “basics” of the program for children and youth: Unitarian Universalist history and heritage; Unitarian Universalist identity: world religions: Jewish and Christian teachings: ethical philosophies: and understanding and making sense of the interconnected web of life.

For adults who have familiarity with these areas, the program offers opportunities to go deeper into these topics and also expand to areas that foster their philosophical and spiritual practice. Like the program for children and youth, the program strives to offer different ways to address the plurality of learning styles for adults. Lifespan Learning is also a means to overcome oppression in our society at large.

Current and Upcoming Offerings:

The Capital Region Theological Center presents, as part of its Faith & Science Series,  “Evolutionary Explanation of Religion” with Dr. David Sloan Wilson from 9am-4pm, April 25-6, here at FUUSA.

David Sloan Wilson, leading American Evolutionary Biologist and Unitarian Universalist, is a Distinguished Professor of Biological Sciences and Anthropology at Binghamton University, and founder of the Neighborhood Project, which applies evolutionary theory to improve the quality of life in his struggling city of Binghamton, NY

Wilson thinks religions endure because they function in the context of everyday life.  In order to continue, they need to be re-experienced and freshly interpreted for each generation.  Deep-rooted questions about culture, religion, spirituality and human experience can help us explore if and how religion will continue into the future.  Questions like:

  • What exactly is religion and why is it such an integral part of human nature?
  • Why are there so many “kinds” of religion?
  • What makes some people believers, and others non-believers?
  • Is it possible to be “spiritual but not religious”?
  • Are churches declining today … or are they evolving?

Come explore the evolution of faith!  Discover how the culture of each age has influenced religion, just as religion has helped to shape popular culture in each age.  Examine various ways that religions and cultures co-evolve, whether for good or ill.

Registration deadline:  April 9, 2014

First Unitarian Universalist Society of Albany
405 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12206

Event Fee(s)
Regular $ 165.00
Early Bird      $ 150.00

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