Governance and Leadership

Our members are the foundation of the Albany Unitarian Universalist congregation.

The members of Albany Unitarian Universalist are the foundation of who we are. Through democratic process, members have adopted the congregation’s mission statement, vision, and congregational covenant. Members also called the Minister as our religious leader and head of staff, and elected the Board of Trustees. In regular meetings that are open to the congregation, the Board determines strategic direction, establishes policy and provides oversight of congregational programs and administration.

The Board of Trustees is an elected body that determines our matters of policy and management, and oversees its officers, employees, councils and committees. The Albany Unitarian Universalist mission and vision directs these efforts.

The Ministry and Operations Team consists of the Minister, the Congregation Administrator, the Director of Religious Education and Family Ministry and four lay leaders appointed by the Board with overlapping two-year terms. It designs, develops, organizes and manages the programs and operations of the congregation guided by the policies of the Board and accountable to the Board for its work. The Minister convenes the Ministry and Operations Team

Albany UU 2021-22 Board of Trustees

Patti Jo Newell, President
Jan McCracken, Vice President
Richard Brewer, Treasurer (d. 1/12/2022); Kathy Harris, Treasurer (1/13/2022-6/30/2022)
Molly Daniels, Secretary

Zach Cunningham, Amie Jamieson, Geoff Abbas, Heidi Newberg

Ex-officio Members:
Rev. Sam Trumbore, Minister

Elected Officer (not on the Board of Trustees)
Reese Satin, Assistant Treasurer

Ministry and Operations Team
Rev. Sam Trumbore, Minister

Elizabeth Baldes, Acting Director of Religious Education
Tammy Goddard Hathaway, Church Administrator
Dick Dana
Peggy Sherman
Jaye Holly
Michele Desrosiers

Teams and Committees (may be updated) and elected positions support the operation, activities, and management of the congregation so that it can further the mission and vision of the congregation.  

All of these entities work collaboratively to sustain a healthy and flourishing congregation and to support programs and activities in pursuit of the mission all Albany Unitarian Universalists embrace.



Social Responsibility

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