Category: Inclusivity


Editor Albany UU | May 13, 2021

What are other UU congregations doing and saying about the 8TH Principle of Unitarian Universalism? “We, the member congregations of the Unitaria...

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Albany UU Denounces Anti-Asian Hate

Editor Albany UU | Mar 22, 2021

  Albany Unitarian Universalists joins the Unitarian Universalist Association, and other religious organizations and communities across the countr...

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Eighth Principle

Editor Albany UU | Mar 18, 2021

Let's Take Some Time to Consider the 8th Principle of Unitarian Universalism “We, the member congregations of the Unitarian Universalist Associatio...

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Social Responsibilities Council Progress Report

Editor Albany UU | Mar 11, 2021

As Chair of the Social Responsibilities Council (SRC), I--Jean Poppei--currently serve as a non-elected member of the Board of Trustees.   At the s...

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Letter of invitation from the Social Responsibilities Council

Editor Albany UU | Sep 10, 2020

Engaging in Actions of Immediate Witness   As previously announced, the Social Responsibilities Council (SRC) has been charged with “engaging the...

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