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Counting and Counting On Our Blessings

Sam Trumbore | May 16, 2016

Counting your blessings is good for your spirit, your emotional health and well-being. Counting on your blessings empowers you to be a force for good ...

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Anxiety, Suffering and Blessing

Sam Trumbore | May 15, 2016

If I were to take a snap shot of my life and pass it around the world, most people would say I am living a blessed life.  I was born into a profess...

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Unhealthy and Healthy Desire

Sam Trumbore | May 05, 2016

I have an unhealthy desire for sugar. Candy corn, a spoonful of honey, fruit jam or sorbet or any concentrated sweet substance touching my tongue send...

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Meaningful Creativity

Sam Trumbore | May 02, 2016

Moses, Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed walk into a bar to compare their histories, experiences and beliefs. Moses orders wine, Jesus orders water and turns...

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What is Liberation?

Sam Trumbore | May 01, 2016

We are coming up to that time of year when Christians remember Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem like royalty riding on a donkey, having pe...

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