Church DB is our online database that members can access anytime to:
Access the current Albany UU Directory

  • Access the current Albany UU Directory
  • Check Albany UU events and room availability
  • Reserve a room for your committee meeting
  • Check the status of your pledge
  • Edit your contact information

Click the link for First UU Society of Albany for the Church DB web page and follow the
directions below.
Bookmark this link!


  • Select Click Here in the line to Retrieve User ID or Password
  • Fill in information
  • Click Search; Church DB will send your User ID and Password in an email
    o If Church DB does not find your information:
  • Try other versions of your name or nickname
    Check with the office staff to make sure Church DB has your current/preferred
  • Return to the Church DB login page and log in using your User ID and Password
    Best Practice for User ID and Password:
  • Change your User ID and Password to something easy to remember
    o Click Family Info on left side of screen
    -Family information is on top; individual records below the solid black line
    o Click Change Password for your individual record
    o Follow the instructions
    o Select Save

Please Note: If you have made these User ID and/or Password changes, ONLY YOU and Church
DB know the login information you’ve selected. If you’ve forgotten this information, you can repeat the
original process and select Click Here on the login page to retrieve your personalized login
information. Albany UU office staff do not have this information on file.

The Church DB Homepage displays a screen for messages from Albany UU or the Church DB
system. While we haven’t used the message board much, watch the scrolling messages to see if
there is something useful there for you!