Our Agreements for Online Safety

We are in a new multigenerational space creating new covenantal expectations.  So, we expect that new things will arise. We see these as creative community building opportunities.

Here are our initial agreements for participation.

In all online spaces:

  • People of all ages will appear in clothing appropriate for the public. Backgrounds will have only appropriate items for people of all ages. And language must not be offensive.
  • Live sessions will have a co-host without facilitation responsibility who can turn off microphones and cameras of any participant who doesn’t follow this agreement. This co-host will send a private message to that person in the chat. The co-host will remove any participant whose behavior and/or appearance is deliberately offensive.
  • Adults will not have one-on-one electronic interaction with minors who are not their children. Instead, adult volunteers and religious professionals will include the child or youth’s parent/caretaker, another volunteer, or another religious professional on any direct communications. In cases when a minor messages an adult, the adult will post a friendly message to all saying that they got the message from that child or youth. 

In multigenerational spaces specifically:

  • Like coffee hour at church, parents and caretakers are responsible for supervising their children’s participation in multigenerational space. 
  • Adult participants must use their real first name – and preferably last name.

In Religious Education for Children and Youth specifically: 

  • Each event will be staffed by two adults, approved by our Safe Congregations policy.
  • Real first and last names must be used by each adult and child youth participant.
  • To avoid inappropriate conversations, one-one private chats between participants will not be enabled during RE events.