Albany UU Annual Meeting May 21, 2023. Ballots have been sent to all members for the individuals chosen by the Nominating Committee and must be returned by May 7th. At the May 21st meeting, the winners of the election will be announced and welcomed to their new roles by the congregation. The slate for this year is shown below.

Ballots have been mailed for the Albany UU elections. Completed ballots must be received in the church office by Thursday, May 18 in order to be counted.

Please watch the recent Zoom Candidate Forum to learn more about the candidates. The link to that recording is HERE

You also can learn about the candidates by reading their profiles. Links to candidate profiles are below.

Uncontested Positions/Candidates:

Laura Churchill – Secretary 

Dawn Dana – Trustee

Randy Rosette – Trustee 

Maria Phillips – Treasurer 

Zack Metzger – Endowment Trust

Nominating Committee Candidates: *Contested*

Fred Eames

Nellson Jacobs-Moore

Jon Newell

Liz Richards Hart

Stephanie Saunders

Hillary Torres