Direct Service

Curious about how to expand your faith, your beliefs, or just want to give back? Let us help you find an organization to pour out your talents, enriching your community and yourself at the same time.

Direct Service Opportunities

Looking for an opportunity to put your faith into action? Here’s a way you can get involved:

The Albany UU Social Responsibilities Council (SRC) and Inclusivity Team recommend a Black Lives Matter vigil in Troy:
When: Saturdays, 10:30-11:15 am 
Where: Corner of River Street at the intersection of Fulton and Third Streets, 12180
  • physical distance, masks
  • signs only, no chanting (except for meditative religious practice)
  • the vigil will automatically be canceled if the temperature is 20 or below OR if the wind chill is below 10 degrees Fahrenheit
The purpose is two-fold:
  1. to express that Black Lives Matter
  2. to embolden white people to act against racism
To ensure safety as much as we can, we are working under these agreements as a provisionary covenant:
  • We carry signs with the same message: “Black Lives Matter,” or “Stand Against Racism.”
  • We limit our positive responses to a thumbs-up or a wave.
  • We do not respond to any negative reactions, such as heckling.
  • One person, not holding a sign, will be designated to take photos of license plates of anyone who is inappropriate.
  • We all leave at the end of the vigil, and people leave together.
  • If friends join us, we advise them of the measures above.
If you can’t or don’t want to join standing, you are invited to drive by and wave or honk encouragement.
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Here are other ways to get involved:
  • Volunteering in the classrooms at Sheridan Preparatory Academy
  • Helping with the Sheridan Playground Project
  • Collecting funds on the fourth Sunday of the month for Focus Food Pantry
  • Collecting warm clothing and blankets for people who are homeless

Other ways Albany UU helps:

Social Responsibility

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