What To Expect

You can expect a warm welcome and lots of smiling faces. We even have a portion of our live online Sunday morning service specifically focused on greeting newcomers and guests.

What To Expect


Our online Sunday services run roughly an hour long, and begin with the ringing of a chime. We light our chalice virtually during each service, and invite you to light your own chalice or candle as it’s an important symbol in the Unitarian Universalist tradition. The flaming chalice is a symbol of light we seek to bring to the world..

Most services include a story for children, songs or other musical offerings, voluntary sharing of personal joys or sorrows, an offering of donations for the work of Albany UU, or, occasionally, for other causes. 

We will always have a sermon or homily by our minister or a guest speaker. After our service is over, we gather for virtual coffee and discussion via Zoom. 

Joining us with Kids? We’re Delighted!

Find more information about our Religious Exploration and Family Ministries program here!