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Courage Doesn’t Always Roar – Why We Bless the Backpacks

Leah | Sep 28, 2017

Religious Exploration What Does it Mean To Be A People of Courage? “Courage doesn’t always roar.” - Mary Anne Radmacher From Soul Matters: Cou...

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What does it mean, “We welcome everyone”? Tips for Families

Leah | Sep 07, 2017

Children have their own styles and habits of welcoming. Like adults, some are outgoing among circles of friends and family, and even strangers. Trust ...

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Mourning Charlottesville Violence

Sam Trumbore | Aug 14, 2017

I strongly denounce and resist white supremacists and white supremacy culture that is pervasive in America. And I denounce and resist the use of viole...

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Island Life and Sunday School

Leah | Aug 08, 2017

A few weeks ago I was at a wonderful place called Star Island with about 300 UU religious educators and their families for the Lifespan Religious Educ...

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Sympathetic Joy and the Prodigal Son

Leah | Jun 15, 2017

The parable of the Prodigal Son was one that Jesus of Nazareth told to help his followers understand the nature of god’s love and the kingdom of hea...

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