Mission: We welcome everyone. Our Unitarian Universalist community seeks truth and deeper meaning, pursues justice through inspired action, and cultivates compassion and love for all connected by the web of life.

Vision: Albany UU will be an inclusive, welcoming congregation. Our sacred work is to lift hearts, broaden minds and do justice in the world, in service of building beloved community.

For Unitarian Universalists, a congregational covenant reflects our aspirations and commitments to one another and to ourselves. In a covenantal community, each of us is empowered and has the responsibility to help one another as we seek to create a loving, supportive, and affirming community in which to grow in spirit and service.

Covenant: As a congregation with respect for our past and commitment to the future,
we draw from the depth and power of our hearts and minds,
guided by our Unitarian Universalist principles, to serve our mission and vision.
We celebrate the diversity of our identities and experiences,
and foster a culture of appreciation, inspiration, and kindness.
We honor both the strength of the collective and uniqueness of the individual,
willing to support and challenge each other with love and compassion.
We entrust ourselves to each other in beloved community,
to embolden personal and congregational growth and transformation.