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Escape to Egypt

Sam Trumbore | Dec 25, 2016

This feels like a very bleak midwinter doesn’t it? Ever since November 8th, a number of us here tonight have been feeling unhappy, depressed, fright...

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Path of Presence

Sam Trumbore | Dec 12, 2016

You don’t get to be a “fellowshipped” Unitarian Universalist minister just because you want to be one.  If you are accepted as a student, anyon...

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Are you in the holiday spirit?

Leah | Dec 08, 2016

Each December I anticipate a "switch" that turns on a joyful holiday mood in me. I look for it, but it doesn't always happen each year. Every year...

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Minimalist Christmas?

Sam Trumbore | Dec 05, 2016

First, I do not have a personal agenda in discussing a minimalist Christmas.  I do not want to criticize in any way those who love a maximalist Chri...

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Reconciliation Through a Fuller Story

Sam Trumbore | Nov 22, 2016

We live in a world with way, way, too much information.  The way we cope with this reality is with selective attention.  And a primary tool we use t...

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