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Timeout for Mourning and Reflection

Sam Trumbore | Jul 08, 2016

I'd like to call a time-out, send everyone into their corners for a moment to cool off and come back to reality. Even though I'm on vacation myself ri...

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Chris Antal: A Resignation of Conscience

Sam Trumbore | Jun 09, 2016

Unitarian Universalist minister and military chaplain Rev. Chris Antal, a former intern in our congregation, has resigned from the Army as a protest a...

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Ah, the Simple Life!

Sam Trumbore | May 26, 2016

I want to make this time of year stretch out and last for months. The beginning of June is one of my favorite times of year. The days are warmer and l...

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Counting and Counting On Our Blessings

Sam Trumbore | May 16, 2016

Counting your blessings is good for your spirit, your emotional health and well-being. Counting on your blessings empowers you to be a force for good ...

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Anxiety, Suffering and Blessing

Sam Trumbore | May 15, 2016

If I were to take a snap shot of my life and pass it around the world, most people would say I am living a blessed life.  I was born into a profess...

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