Democracy: A Dream Deferred? Or A Nightmare? The Morals Behind The Headlines In Election 2024

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There is a Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times.”  Our times are a bit too interesting, as we learn that America’s experiment with democracy is in jeopardy.  What will it take to avoid a nightmare – or at least be able to dream again?  We’ll know more after November 5.  Until then . . . . ?

Dick Gilbert is a happily retired Unitarian Universalist minister after over 60 years of service.  He is the author of several books of meditations and social justice.  Currently, he is working on a book to be entitled, “No Consorting with Angels: The Spiritual Life of Susan B. Anthony.”  Every four years he pondered “The Morals Behind the Headlines,” in a presidential year workshop.  This year he explored the topic with the help of AI – asking for a sermon which was “fair, balanced and prophetic.”