A Thanksgiving Ritual of Celebration

Click here to watch Sunday Service on Zoom: https://tinyurl.com/AlbanyUU-SundayService

On this Sunday (before the Transgender Day of Remembrance on 11/20 and Thanksgiving 11/23), we will engage in two rituals, the first in remembrance of transgender people who have died, and the second in recognition of the legacy of religious freedom connected with the first Thanksgiving in Plymouth Colony. 

Rev. Dr. Ashley will be joined by Julius Faulkner, TransCare Coordinator of In Our Own Voices, and members of the AUU Youth Group. For this Sunday, the marking of personal Joys and Sorrows will be done in silence. Prior to the service, those who wish are invited to submit joys and sorrows online (https://tinyurl.com/JoysSorrows). For those who wish to share Sunday morning, you are invited to light a candle and/or submit a written joy or sorrow either before the service or during a time set aside for sharing. Written joys and sorrows will be shared with Pastoral Care Associates and/or the ministers as those who participate indicate. 

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