Once Upon a Time: Hidden Insights in Fairy Tales

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Typically, most of us don’t take fairy tales very seriously, but on closer inspection, we find that the archetypes, narrative arcs, and emotions of the tales carry universal human experiences. As such, they can be a useful tool in personal self-discovery. Come and learn what the forbidden forest can reveal to you. (Breadcrumbs will be provided.)

Pam Collins (she/her) has been a UU since 2001, having attended both the Albany and Saratoga congregations. During those years, she delivered many sermons in her “home” churches as well as elsewhere. In 2014, she retired from 25 years as a Professor of English and Literature at SUNY Cobleskill, which has given her time to write a trilogy of novels based on the Arthurian legend and to pursue studies in Jungian psychology, of which the current sermon is a product.