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This Weekend…

In the Service:


December 15, “Blue Christmas,” Rev. Sam Trumbore

This time of year is a very hard time to be feeling sad. With shopping, putting up a tree, decorating one’s home and holiday events and parties, everyone is expected to be of good cheer.  Sometimes that just isn’t possible if we’ve experienced a major loss, have health problems, or just aren’t “feeling it.” Maybe “The Blues” can help.

Music: Ann Brandon



Religious Exploration for Children and Youth


The nursery/toddler room opens at 9:45

Children in Pre-k through 6th grade start the morning in Community Hall at 10:00 with their families. The story in the service this week is Home By Another Way by Barbara Brown Taylor. After the story (at about 10:20) the children leave for their Sunday school groups. Parents/caretakers are welcome to escort them to their rooms and also to visit the groups.

7th/8th Grade OWL starts at 10:00 in Room B-3/4..

High School YoUUth Group starts at 10:00 in Room B-8.

Children and youth are always welcome to attend the service with their families instead of RE groups.

Updated info for the coming weeks and for the year are at the Our Learning Community for Children and Youth  page,



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Our services are held every Sunday morning at 405 Washington Ave, Albany, NY 12206, and feature a dynamic service with musical offerings, a brief sermon to enrich your life, and educational services for kids.

As we come together on Sundays to renew our spirits, we join with others who can affirm our beliefs, celebrating the unique qualities that set us apart, and bind us together.

We welcome you to join with us, learn more about us, and grow with us!