Compassion is the heart of a congregation in action. We at Albany UU believe in finding ways to put our hearts into serving the greater good, and we do so through:

  • Serving the needs of the larger community
  • Caring for the members of our congregation
  • Supporting that work with our time, talent and treasure

Making a difference in the lives of children and families here in Albany is a priority for our work. To that end, four organizations we support are:

  • FOCUS Church’s Food Pantry
  • Emergency Homeless Shelter
  • Sheridan Preparatory Academy Elementary School
  • Grass Root Givers.

Within our congregation we have two primary ways to support our members and friends:

  • Caring Network: Through this group, we organize and offer rides, meals, visits, and respite.
  • Pastoral Care Associates: Individuals in this group offer active listening and encouragement on a one-to-one basis. You can easily find one of our Pastoral Care Associates on a Sunday morning, as they are pointed out during the course of our service.

We support a number of community efforts and organizations through donations. Some of the ways include:

  • Collecting winter wear and blankets for the homeless.
  • Monthly offering for the FOCUS food pantry.
  • Collecting supplies for homeless people on the street.
  • Give-Away-the-Plate Sundays – each week, our Sunday offering is given to a worthy organization which is in alignment with our purpose.

Through these varied paths, we direct and support our members and friends into making a difference in our Society, and the larger community as well.