It’s time to donate! The auction is our biggest fundraiser of the year! Not only is the auction an essential fundraiser, it is an important way to build community. The social events, dinners, garden walks, hikes, etc., give Albany UU members a chance to socialize and get to know each other better. Services and food items give busy families the opportunity to buy an item that will save valuable time. There are always a variety of interesting and affordable items available, so everyone can participate.  If you haven’t planned your donation yet, now is the time. Let’s make this the most successful online auction yet!

Donations AcceptedSunday, April 14 to Friday, May 3
Auction Preview Sunday, April 28 to Saturday, May 4
Auction OpenSunday, May 5 to Sunday, May 19

Here are some items that have sold well in previous auctions:

  • Dinners for six, eight, or more.  The meal can be a barbecue, feature dishes from another country, or showcase your specialty.
  • Home-made treats, such as manicotti, soup, baguettes, Christmas cookies, or hot fudge.
  • Hikes with a picnic in our beautiful surroundings.
  • A stay at your home in a vacation or city setting.
  • Garden tours accompanied by lunch or wine and cheese.
  • Services such as estate planning, babysitting, gardening, or photography.
  • Get togethers for games, singing, playacting, or conversation, accompanied by desserts.
  • Gift certificates or tickets to a play or movie.

Events may be scheduled between Saturday, May 25, 2024 and Sunday, May 4, 2025.

If you have a painting, antique, or other object that you would like to donate, please save it for the UU Weekend at Silver Bay or the Holiday Bazaar.  Objects that need to be seen to be appreciated sell better at those in-person events.

You can submit your donation online until Friday, May 3. Read the following hints before you submit your donation using the form linked below.

Here is good news for those planning to donate the same item they donated last year:  if you can’t remember how you described your item last year, you don’t need to rewrite it. Just designate the title of the item and the new date, if applicable, on the form.  Enter “replicate” under description. We will copy the description and picture from last year’s auction.  If you don’t remember the exact title of last year’s auction item, provide a descriptive title. We will find the correct item to replicate on this year’s auction site.

If you want to look at your item on last year’s auction site, just go to, click on View All Items, and find your item and review.

Please use this form to submit your donation. If you want to donate multiple items, return to the form for each donation.

If you have questions, please contact Martha Musser at