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Annual Dinner Chair

Annual Dinner Member

Art Shows Organizer

Assistant Treasurer Of The Congregation

Board Of Trustees Member-At-Large

Building & Grounds Team Chair Short Version

Buildings & Grounds Team Volunteer

Caring Network Volunteer

Caring Network Coordinator

Childcare Coordinator

Choir Member

Circle Dinner Host

Circle Dinners Coordinator

Endowment Trust Member

Finance Committee Chair

Finance Committee Member

Flower Team Chair

Flower Team Member

Garden Team Coordinator

Garden Volunteer

General Assembly Delegate

Give Away the Plate Coordinator

Green Sanctuary Team Chair

Green Sanctuary Team Member

Growth Through Service Conversation Leader

Growth Through Service Leadership Team

Historian & Archivist

Holiday Bazaar Contributors

Holiday Bazaar Leaders

Inclusivity Team Chair

Inclusivity Team Member

Library Team Chair

Library Team Member

Membership Team Chair

Membership Team Member

Ministries & Operations Team Lay Leaders

Nominating Committee Member

Partner Church Team Chair

Partner Church Team Member

Pastoral Care Associates Team Chair

Pastoral Care Associates Team Member

Personnel Committee Chair

Personnel Committee Member

President of the Congregation

Projects & Quilts

Public Relations Team Chair

Public Relations Team Member

Public Relations Team Member

Reception Volunteer

Religious Services Team Chair

Religious Services Team Member

Religious Education Council Chair

Religious Education Council Member

Safe Congregation Response Team Chair

Safe Congregation Response Team Member

Secretary To The Congregation

Social Responsibilities Council Chair

Social Responsibilities Council Member

Solo Service Opportunities

Stewardship Committee Chair

Stewardship Committee Member

Stewardship Testimonial Speaker

Sunday Morning Coffee Hour Host

Sunday Morning Greeter

Sunday Morning Welcome Table Host

Sunday Service Announcer

Sunday Service Chalice Lighter

Sunday Service Guest Musician in the Service

Sunday Service Lead Usher

Sunday Service Service Associate

Sunday Service Usher

Treasurer of the Congregation

Vice-President of the Congregation

Wine & Cheese Fun(d)raiser Committee Member

Wine & Cheese Fun(d)raiser Team Coordinator